MIAMI, Florida – October 15, 2013 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – From behind the scenes to center stage, see what it takes to run and maintain a family circus when Tr3s, the entertainment destination for Hispanic millennials, premieres its new reality series, Familia de Circo, this Sunday, October 20th at 9PM (ET/PT). Familia de Circo is centered on Circo Hermanos Vázquez, a family-owned circus business run by five Mexican brothers, and takes viewers behind the scenes of the company’s 40-year history. The series will chronicle the acts and operations behind the multimillion dollar empire as the family travels across the U.S. while trying to juggle family business and clashing egos.

“This circus has become our home and we invite the audience to take a look beneath the colorful tents and learn about our lives, our drama, and – most importantly – the risks we’ve taken to turn our American dream into a reality”

“Working with my family can sometimes be a challenging experience but the reward is the greatest gift anyone could ask for. This circus has become our home and we invite the audience to take a look beneath the colorful tents and learn about our lives, our drama, and – most importantly – the risks we’ve taken to turn our American dream into a reality,” said Memo, the eldest of the Vázquez brothers.

Meet the Cast:

— Memo Vázquez: Not only is he the eldest of the brothers, but he’s also the master of ceremonies, artistic director and the person in charge of all the artists and their respective shows. His personality is very unique, definitely the center of attention; and even though he can sometimes have an explosive personality, he’s the most sentimental of the bunch and is always making everyone laugh.

— Pepe Vázquez: José has one of the most important jobs in the family business – filling up the seats! He’s in charge of all the marketing and advertising for the circus. Married to Tosca, Pepe has two children who form part of the circus – José Alberto, the second master of ceremonies, and Alexa, who is one of the dancers but aspires to have her own act in the near future.

— Ramón Vázquez: Ramón is one of the youngest brothers and is in charge of all the logistics required to take the circus to a new city. From the city permits to the hiring of new talent, Ramón does it all – but like any good businessman, he does it from his office phone or video chats!

— Aldo Vázquez: Aldo is the youngest of the five brothers, and probably one of the most hardworking ones. He’s responsible for the circus’ operations and maintenance so he needs to make sure that no matter what – the circus is set up on time and ready to perform on opening night. Not only that, but he is also a performer! Given that he’s an animal lover, he enjoys one of his favorite hobbies demonstrating his abilities as a horse tamer.

— Jesús Vázquez: Jesús is in charge of finances. They say this job fits him well given that he’s always looking for ways to save, not just with the circus but also in his personal life. He develops ideas so that the circus can benefit from its audience, from alerting his brothers when there’s a big loss to confronting their marketing agency when seats are not being filled.

— José Alberto Vázquez: José Alberto, Pepe’s son, represents the circus’ fourth generation. With only 22 years of age, he’s one of the most integral parts of the show: he shows his humor with the clowns, demonstrates his abilities with different animals and is the master of ceremonies during the show’s second half. His smile captivates all the women in the audience but he is in search of true love, which can be hard to find when you’re traveling from one city to another.

— Luva Vázquez: At such a young age, Luva has accomplished the task of not only working in the circus but also outside at the concession stands. With the exception of some of her cousins, Luca knows that the circus is where she wants to be for the rest of her life, which is why she practices every single day with hopes of getting better and developing new acts.

— Alexa Vázquez: Alexa is José Alberto’s older sister and without a doubt, his biggest fan. She wants to follow in his footsteps and although she is just one of the dancers, she works hard to become better so she can one day have her first solo performance in the circus.

The new series launches with a theme song under the vocals of one of the best bands in Sinaloa, Mexico – Colmillo Norteño. Created in 1996 by Jacinto Osuna, Colmillo Norteño was mostly focused on producing traditional Norteño music, but when several changes arose in 2006 the band entered a new musical phase which they are characterized for today. Colmillo Norteño has earned multiple recognitions and awards nominations including Premios Billboard, Premios Billboard a la Música Mexicana, and Premios Bandamax, among others.

Produced in the U.S. by Tr3s and High Noon Entertainment – the creators of ‘Cake Boss” – Familia de Circo offers the perfect dose of music, humor, circus acts, and extravagant fashion, but ultimately reflects the life of a family that understands the true meaning of dedication and loyalty. The show is executively produced by Maria Badillo, VP of Programming and Production for Tr3s, and Sebastian Portillo, Director of Reality Series for Tr3s.

About Tr3s

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