MENLO PARK, CA – August 31, 2017 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – After seeing the extreme state of emergency impacting thousands brought on by the brutal rains of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Beyond Type 1 and Beyond Type 1 en Español have created a guide for providing resources for the Type 1 community and for those who want to provide aid.

Thousands of families have lost their homes and possessions, including in many cases, medication, medical devices and vital supplies that people with diabetes need to stay alive and healthy. As an organization focused on Type 1 diabetes we understand the necessity of having access to the prescribed treatment.

Sarah Lucas, Beyond Type 1 CEO + Co-founder responded, “In a disaster situation, people with Type 1 diabetes require additional resources, especially as it relates to life-saving medications, like insulin. We are committed to providing the community with real-time updates and resources as well as partnering with the most efficient organizations on the ground. Our massive social media reach is a powerful tool especially in emergency situations like Hurricane Harvey”.

The guide has information on collection centers, customer service numbers for medical companies, an updated list of open pharmacies and shelters and advice for people with diabetes in need of assistance. The diabetes community is strong and active, but we are calling on the support of the general population.

People with Type 1 diabetes are at risk of developing diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a very dangerous and potentially deadly health complication if they do not have access to the necessary insulin. They need our help. There is an immediate need for insulin (not expired and sealed), glucose test strips (not expired and sealed) and syringes.

We invite you to share these resources in the appropriate channels and help us to keep our community healthy. Diabetes does not wait. Follow along on social media to learn about the latest updates or new resources.

Please review the guide by clicking here.

About Beyond Type 1
Beyond Type 1 was founded in 2015 by Juliet de Baubigny, Nick Jonas, Sarah Lucas and Sam Talbot. A new brand of philanthropy leveraging the power of social media and technology, Beyond Type 1 is changing what it means to live with Type 1 diabetes. By educating the global community about this chronic, autoimmune disease, as well as providing resources and support for those living with Type 1, Beyond Type 1 bridges the gap from diagnosis to cure, empowering people to both live well today and to fund a better tomorrow. 100% of every dollar raised directly supports the most promising global efforts and programs working to educate, advocate and cure Type 1 diabetes.