NEW YORK, NY – August 25, 2016 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Damaly, founder of, is one of the 5 finalists of the annual summit, taking place in Milwaukee on April 2016.

Damaly Gonzalez, founder of, has won one of the five spots in the 5 nominees to win the title of Global Ambassador for the Women in Travel Summit, which will take place on April 21-23, 2017 in Milwaukee. The voting is open from August 23rd to 29th and if Damaly wins, she’ll become a Latina representing the women in travel industry.

Voting can be done via:

“It’s an honor being chosen as one of the nominees because it’s important for me to showcase that women of color do travel and be the face to empower, encourage and support all women to travel alone fearlessly,” said Damaly Gonzalez, founder of

Damaly founded Backpacking the Caribbean in February 2013, after she backpacked throughout Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico alone for almost four months. Noticing the lack of resources to help plan and understand the Caribbean outside touristic traps and realizing the challenge of navigating the islands she returned and created

If she wins the ambassador title, she’ll be the face of the summit, have one of her travel pieces published on and have her and the article promoted on WITS’ social media plat-forms and newsletter, as well as be honored in a WITS ’17 Global Ambassador party.

The Women in Travel Summit is an annual event that brings together women travel influencers and industry-members to provide attendees with the tools, connections, and resources they need to become better travel bloggers and influencers.

Voting ends August 29th and can be done here:

About Backpacking The Caribbean
Backpacking the Caribbean is an online cultural travel hub that connects the traveler to an authentic Caribbean experience through travel guides, planning tools, cultural conversations, and the local people. We help the traveler navigate the islands sustainably and on a budget as well as assist in understanding them culturally. To make these experiences come to life, we provide materials and advice to help the traveler plan fun and fulfilling trips. For more information visit:

About Women In Travel Summit

The Women in Travel Summit is the premier event for women travel influencers and industry members, organized by Wanderful. Our goal is to provide our attendees with the tools, connections, and resources they need to become better travel bloggers and influencers and to equip great brands with partnerships that can help them enhance their digital presence and meet their business goals, all while growing our global sisterhood of dedicated women who travel. For more info visit: