MIAMI, FL – September 13, 2016 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Already recognized as one of the world’s most experienced ski tour operators, Eduardo Gaz, founder and CEO of SKI Brazil, the second-largest ski tour operator in the Americas, today announced the launch of SKI USA.

Based in Miami, Fla., SKI USA will offer highly personalized experiences for individuals, families and groups that demand the highest levels of customization in their ski travel.

SKI USA works with both top-scale resorts widely recognized for providing its guests five-star service, as well as experiential locations, offering one-of-a-kind scenarios.

The company specifically tailors its offerings to the individual skier, making them unique among high-end tour operators. SKI USA offers curated itineraries for all level skiers, from beginners who have never skied, to experienced ski enthusiasts looking for the most challenging excursions. As an avid skier who views the sport as a lifestyle, Gaz is an expert in destination skiing making him and his team a dependable source for travelers.

“We are proud to be recognized for our high-touch, customized experiences,” said Gaz. “We bring more than 20 years of knowledge and expertise both in developing the offerings and having our trained ski professionals working with our customers through the process.”

With more than $25 million in total transactions during 2015, SKI USA will leverage the existing relationships of SKI Brazil to offer its clients access to a broad range of diverse ski resorts throughout the globe, from Portillo, Chile; to St. Moritz, Switzerland; to numerous resorts throughout the U.S. features a user-friendly, multi-lingual lay-out which, though immensely informative, is easy to navigate. It provides enhanced features and the ability to access the broadest range of information. is extremely robust and offers a one-on-one telephone experience should the user wish to speak with a live individual – the element which makes them unique among ski operators.

“We have combined state-of-the-art technology with personalized access to a real person with a broad range of ski experience at the other end of the phone,” adds Gaz. “A person may find exactly what they are looking for on, but our goal is to have them speak directly with our team about further personalization of their experience.”

“This is all-the-more-important for first time skiers, who may find the process a bit challenging and confusing,” adds Bob Stinchcomb, a partner of SKI USA and a highly successful and respected ski industry veteran. “At SKI USA we believe that the more comfortable you are, the more likely you are to continue skiing.” has partnered with numerous top resorts around the world. Among them is Steamboat Ski and Resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Through Steamboat Ski and Resort’s Club Steamboat, SKI USA is offering an exclusive, all-inclusive package which includes accommodations, ski rentals, dining, transportation from the moment travelers arrive at their destination, and much more, starting at $2,173 per person.

For those wanting something more adventuresome, SKI USA is offering a four-night heli-ski package atop Iceland’s picturesque Troll Peninsula, starting at $8,100 per person.

“We are proud to provide an incredibly diverse variety of options,” concludes Gaz, “from beginners to heli-skiers, to everyone in between.”

For additional information on SKI USA’s packages, or to speak with a SKI USA representative, visit, or call +1-844-531-0960.

SKI USA is part of the privately-owned TTW Group of travel companies. Over the past 20 years TTW’s companies have provided the highest level of personalized, customized ski experiences for individuals and families, beginning skiers and experienced enthusiasts. TTW Group companies include SKI USA, SKI America, Ski Europe, Ski Zhongguo, Nippon Ski, India Ski, and SKI Brazil. For additional information about SKI USA, visit