BURBANK, California — July 24, 2017— (HISPANICIZE WIRE) — LBI Media, the fastest growing, minority owned Spanish language broadcasting company in the U.S. announced today that its Estrella TV Network will premier its first one-hour sitcom series starting on August 1, 2017.

Comprised of 80 episodes, “Las Vega’s” is Estrella TV’s latest programmatic proposition, which promises to deliver hours of laughter and entertainment to Hispanic audiences starting this summer.

A Colombian import, produced by powerhouse RCN, “Las Vega’s” is a comedy series that tells the story of the Vega Diaz family, living a happy life until the patriarch of the family dies unexpectedly, leaving his wife and three daughters, Mariana, Antonia and Camila completely hopeless and in financial straits.

“Las Vega’s” revolves around the lives of four women who uncover several unknown facts about their deceased husband/father and are faced with serious decisions about their future. When they learn that their “conservative” patriarch was really the owner of a gentleman’s club, these otherwise sheltered women embrace a new opportunity to start their lives from scratch. “Las Vega’s,” play on words for the glitzy Nevada city, but referring to the family’s last name, takes four women on a journey to turn their husband/father’s gentleman’s club upside down by opening a new and exclusive club targeting the female audience.

Reminiscent of the British film “The Full Monty,” “Las Vega’s” also features the stories of four wannabe showmen who will enter and completely change the lives of these four women and start a series of wacky adventures and misadventures in and around the new night spot. Starring some of Colombia’s hottest A-listers, Natalia Ramirez (lead antagonist of the original Colombian Ugly Betty), Greeicy Rendón, Camila Zárate, Elizabeth Minotta, Santiago Alarcón and Carlos Manuel Vesga, “Las Vega’s” is slated to air Monday through Friday, 6P/5P Central on Estrella TV.

“We are pleased to offer this new comedy series on Estrella TV because it’s a great story with a great script, and a cast that is second to none. ‘Las Vega’s’ is definitely the type of situation comedy we were waiting for and that we’re certain will resonate with Latinos in the US,” stated Lenard Liberman, CEO, LBI Media, Inc., parent company to Estrella TV Network.

About LBI Media, Inc.

LBI Media, Inc., is a leading Spanish-language entertainment company and one of the largest Spanish-language radio and television broadcasters in the U.S., based on revenues and number of stations. The company owns 16 radio stations (thirteen FM and three AM), ten television stations, “Estrella TV,” a leading Spanish-language television broadcast network in the U.S., and Fenomeno Studios multi-channel network. Through Estrella TV, we broadcast in 47 designated market areas, or DMAs, across the U.S. through both our owned television stations and affiliates. The company produces over 50 hours of original television programming at its Burbank Television Studios each week. The Estrella TV programming catalog consists of over 7,500 hours of original Spanish-language television programming in genres including talk, drama, comedy, variety, reality, music and more. To learn more about LBI Media and see company updates, please visit www.lbimedia.com.