BURBANK, California — September 11, 2017 — (HISPANICIZE WIRE) — LBI Media, the fastest-growing, minority-owned Spanish-language broadcasting company in the U.S. announced today that it will be launching a national advertising campaign for its Estrella TV Network starting in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Estrella TV Network, the country’s third largest Spanish-language broadcaster, will be rolling out an outdoor advertising campaign to promote its programming, talent and brand on a national stage. The initiative also includes a prominent presence in Times Square. One of the key objectives of this campaign is to market to all the new homes Estrella TV Network is now reaching through its expanded national distribution deals with Dish Network, DirecTV and Cox Communications, to name a few. The campaign will run from September 18 through November 30, 2017.

The objectives of the campaign include increasing brand recognition and promoting some of Estrella TV’s hottest and highest rated TV shows. Some of the shows to be highlighted in the campaign include reality show “Rica Famosa Latina,” the network talent competition program “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento” and the only Spanish-language late night talk show in the US “Noches Con Platanito.” This year “Noches Con Platanito” achieved a major milestone when it produced its 500th episode.

Estrella TV has consistently outranked both Univision and Telemundo in key markets across the US, including Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas, and has been the only Spanish-language network experiencing significant audience growth season to date in 2017, according to Nielsen. Furthermore, Estrella TV’s content distribution has grown exponentially in the past year with the addition of the network’s programming to national content distributors, making Estrella TV now available in all 210 DMA’s across the US.

“As we continue to grow our audience and expand our distribution nationwide, our upcoming advertising campaign will be instrumental in connecting us with new viewers and will not only promote our highly rated TV shows, but also cement our Estrella TV Network’s importance in the US Hispanic market. Estrella TV has earned its place as a new leader in Spanish language television programming in the US,” stated Lenard Liberman, CEO, LBI Media, parent company to Estrella TV Network.

About LBI Media, Inc.

LBI Media, Inc., is a leading Spanish-language entertainment company and one of the largest Spanish-language radio and television broadcasters in the U.S., based on revenues and number of stations. The company owns 16 radio stations (thirteen FM and three AM), ten television stations, “Estrella TV,” a leading Spanish-language television broadcast network in the U.S., and Fenomeno Studios multi-channel network. Through Estrella TV, we broadcast in 47 designated market areas, or DMAs, across the U.S. through both our owned television stations and affiliates. The company produces over 50 hours of original television programming at its Burbank Television Studios each week. The Estrella TV programming catalog consists of over 7,500 hours of original Spanish-language television programming in genres including talk, drama, comedy, variety, reality, music and more. To learn more about LBI Media and see company updates, please visit www.lbimedia.com.