BURBANK, CA – September 26, 2016 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Estrella TV Network, the largest privately held, minority-owned Spanish television network in the U.S. announces the premiere of its newest game show creation, “Tumba Burros,” which premieres Monday, September 26 at 6PM/ 5PM CST.

Hosted by Carlos Eduardo Rico, one of Latin America’s most recognized comedians and Alma Cero, one of Mexico’s most renowned and popular comediennes, “Tumba Burros” (Loosely translated as Tipping Dunces) is Estrella TV’s newest high stakes, fast-paced game show inspired by a popular Don Cheto Radio Show trivia contest.

“Tumba Burros” takes the internationally popular Carlos Eduardo Rico and Alma Cero to Hispanic homes on a quest to give away thousands of dollars by having participants answer questions of increasing difficulty. The show literally takes a game show studio into viewers’ homes and gives that family a chance to win over $10,000 right on the spot. Cleverly written trivia questions reveal fun and entertaining facts, while family interaction (children, grandparents, in-laws and neighbors) makes this show a hit for the entire family. When the questions get harder, the contestants can look for help from a neighbor or opt for the multiple choice answers in their all-out effort to get to the next level. “Tumba Burros” celebrates the very best in Hispanic culture – family, while at the same time delivering top-notch suspense as ordinary families face decisions worth thousands of dollars.

Estrella TV’s newest hit, “Tumba Burros,” will air Monday through Friday at 6 PM Eastern and Pacific, 5 PM CST.

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