New York, NY – June 3, 2014 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – The Americas Film Festival New York selected Director Diana Daf-Collazos, Producer Nathalie Tolentino, and the team at DOCUPERU’s Edificio Central to compete in the Documentary Short category.

“Certainly worthy of watching. As a visual artist I love the still shots. As a lover of history I enjoyed her story”

Edificio Central premieres on June 4th, 2:30PM at The Americas Film Festival New York at the CWE Auditorium-Division of Interdisciplinary Studies Auditorium, located at 25 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10004. Screenings will be are free to the public.

Peruvian filmmaker and artist, Daf-Collazos, producer Tolentino and her team have joined forces to create a film that chronicles the director’s childhood as she walks through the building that once dominated her youth.
Why would the memories of some old building from the past matter to an aspiring filmmaker and artist? The director spent part of her childhood playing in the hallways in Edificio Central where her father had an office. It mattered enough for her to throw in all of her resources and team up with another passionate actor/producer Nathalie Tolentino.

Edificio Central is narrated by Daf-Collazos, her father and of some of the people who lived and continue to live there—and perhaps even the voices of ghosts of past decades.

“I was working with some other filmmakers in Peru looking for a unique topic for a new documentary and the idea for Edificio Central was brought to us by Diana [Daf-Collazos] who spent a lot of her childhood in the building,” said Executive Producer Tolentino. “Edificio Central is a collaborative effort produced with the team of DOCUPERU.”

Edificio Central is located in Lima, Peru. “I have a special connection with the Historical Center of Lima. I admire the colonial and modern architecture since it’s the city I grew up in,” Tolentino added. “I have wonderful childhood memories of Downtown Lima.”

There is no doubt that admirers of historical architecture will connect with Edificio Central—“because the film recaptures the connection we have with places that are meaningful in our lives regardless the beauty or decadence,” she stated. “The film portrays the emotions and memories that stay with us throughout time.”

Edificio Central explores one woman’s past as she walks through the hallways once her playground. She strolls through the building, floor by floor, and recalls the love songs that once echoed through the staircases, where opportunity to fall in love was inevitable.

“Certainly worthy of watching. As a visual artist I love the still shots. As a lover of history I enjoyed her story,” said Artist Salvador Alvarez

Edificio Central is narrated in Spanish with English subtitles and it’s a film that art lovers, historians and architectural aficionados will find a special connection.

About Festival:
TAFFNY represents the rich diversity of the cultures, languages and stories of North America, Central America, and South America along with their associated islands.

The festival is a project of the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education of City College of New York (The City University of New York – CUNY), in collaboration with the National Museum of the American Indian. TAFFNY aims to create a new culture of cinematography appreciation by providing a dynamic space for the public and artists to meet, reflect on multiculturalism and diversity in our society, while promoting the work of new and emerging filmmakers.

About the Director
Diana Daf-Collazos is a multi-disciplinary artist and independent cultural manager. Her work centers on action art, urban intervention, video and installation. Since 2005 she has exhibited her work in various cultural spaces in different cities of Peru such as Lima, Huaraz, Arequipa and Cuzco; and abroad as Chile, United States, Brazil and Germany. She is currently manager of Elgalpon, Espacio Cultural Association.

About the Producer
Nathalie Tolentino is a multi-talented Actress, Producer, Freelance Film Editor and Human Resources Manager based in New York City. Originally from Lima-Peru she studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts-New York, The Odin Theater in Denmark and Universidad San Martin in Lima. She divides her time working on Advertising, Theater TV & film projects in New York and Peru.

Edificio Central – Cast and Crew
Director: Diana Daf-Collazos
Producers: Nathalie Tolentino, Noemi Acuña
Cinematography: Jordie Montevecchi, Rudy Jordan
Sound: Gabriella Urco, Miguel Ramos Molina
Editing: Daniel Martínez
Production Supervisors: Antolín Prieto, Jose Balado