NEW YORK, New York – January 10, 2013 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – These men came from all walks of life: politics, philanthropy, technology, sports and entertainment. They were selected because as a result of their actions, ideas, talent or contributions — they all made a positive impact, influence or simply inspired us. Whether through the culmination of a body of work or simply an extraordinary action, they made the Latino community — and in some cases the world at large — stand up and take notice.

In 2011, ‘LLERO’s first honorees included recording artist Pitbull and Medal of Honor recipient Leroy Petry. In 2012, ‘LLERO’s selection included San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, Detroit Tigers triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera and author Junot Diaz.

In 2013 ‘LLERO continued this tradition by canvassing the worlds of entertainment, business, philanthropy, sports, technology and politics to select its honorees. Among this year’s recipients are Mariano Rivera, Major League Baseball player for the New York Yankees; Sebastien De La Cruz, singer of the National Anthem at 2013 NBA Finals; Richard Blanco, first Latino Inaugural poet, Thomas Perez, United States Secretary of Labor; Sixto Diaz Rodriguez, folk music recording artist; and Pope Francis.

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LLERO [pronounced: yeh-ro] is an English language, digital magazine for the Latino man. We deliver news, knowledge and advice to Latino men who have their feet firmly planted in both Latino and American cultures. ‘LLERO speaks directly to Latino men’s interests in women, career, culture, style, entertainment and health.

Created in 2011 ‘LLERO is the brainchild of three Latino siblings — Jessica, Alex and William Rodriguez — who were tired of watered-down media created for Latinos. Rather than let someone else interpret their culture, they decided to create a space that reflects the way Latino men act, talk and live.

So what does “‘LLERO” mean exactly? In Spanish the word “caballero” means “gentleman.” Caballero, often used by an older generation, felt a bit too stuffy by today’s standards. In certain Latino circles a gentleman can more casually be called a ‘LLERO. This word felt like a natural fit for this audience — Latino men growing into tomorrows’ refined gentlemen.