SAN FRANCISCO, CA – June 20, 2017 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – HLC Media announces the release of insights from a survey of nearly 400 women from HipLatina’s acculturated audience of upscale Latinas. The subjects include attitudes about how they see themselves, preferred language for communication and content consumption, top social media channels and frequency, types of shareable content, and relationships with premium brands. The results paint a picture of a community of confident women who over index on brand loyalty, appreciate culturally relevant content, and have extraordinary influence in their communities through the social mobile.

“The results shine new light on just how brand aware this critical growth audience really is,” stated Clay Wallin, CEO of HipLatina and HLC Media. “We are thrilled to share the insights we have gained by engaging our community,” he added. HipLatina delivers this audience with extraordinary engagement for the benefit of brands through native content and rich media. Download the report here:

About HipLatina
A trusted source for acculturated and aspiring Latinas, provides thoughtful, engaging and always approachable content. Diverse perspectives from strong, forward-thinking Latinas empower our audience to be their best selves.

About HLC Media
HLC Media works with brands to craft culturally relevant messaging to the HipLatina community and beyond through marketing services, content development, and high impact media.