SACRAMENTO, CA – August 2, 2016 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Latino owned businesses are a major driving force in the transformation of the economic and political landscape of the United States and job creation. In addition to the exponential growth and advancement of Latino small businesses, women, millennials and veterans are starting businesses in record numbers. The National Association of State Latino Chambers of Commerce (NASLCC) will focus and strive to meet the business needs and desires of this essential segment who are members of local and state Hispanic Chambers of Commerce.

On February 15, 2016, a coalition of state Latino Chambers of Commerce from across the country met to formalize and charter the NASLCC. This group has been informally organizing and collaborating for 10 years.

The newly formed national Latino business organization represents the more than 4 million Latino owned businesses from across the country, and its founding members include the states of California, Florida, Kansas, New Mexico, New York, Puerto Rico, Texas, Utah.

Growth over the past 10 years among this key business demographic is 15 times the national average with 2016 revenues expected to exceed $661 billion. The NASLCC, will leverage the synergy, and representative power of each state, to provide vital resources, funding, and technical assistance to chambers at the state, regional and local level.

The leadership elected to represent the newly formed organization is: Frank Garcia, Chairman, (Chair, New York State Coalition Hispanic Chambers of Commerce), Frank Montes, Vice Chair, (Chair, California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce), Sam Guzman, Treasurer, (Chair, Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of Commerce), Juan Ruiz, Secretary, (President, The Latin-American Chamber of Commerce of Utah), and Carlos Gomez, Parliamentarian (Chair, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City).

“This new organization will be the voice of the local, statewide Latino Chambers across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. As the chairman of the New York Latino Chamber, I represent 26 chambers and 80,000 members. Our small businesses are facing big challenges, the NALSCC will provide new solutions, and equip our members from across the country with needed management and financial literacy programs, and provide international trade and technology events with our corporate partners,” said Frank Garcia, Chairman, NASLCC (New York State Coalition Hispanic Chambers of Commerce).

Hispanics now make up the majority in California; our Hispanic owned businesses have played a significant role in jump-starting our economy. In order to thrive in this changing environment of regulations and taxes, we need to arm our members with the resources they need to compete and win contracts. The NASLCC will provide the resources they need to continue growing”, said Frank Montes, Vice-Chair, NASLCC (California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce).

“Along with my colleagues and partners, I am honored and excited to represent State Chambers from throughout the country who came together to officially organize and structure the NALSCC. The NALSCC will strive to always be inclusive, transparent and represent the best interests of our members – ADELANTE!”, said Sam Guzman, Treasurer, NASLCC (Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of Commerce).

The National Headquarters of the association will be located in Sacramento California, and plans are to open a Washington D.C. office in the near future.

About the NASLCC
The National Association of State Latino Chambers of Commerce (NASLCC) is a tax exempt organization, incorporated under and shall operate in conformity with, the California State Not-For-Profit Corporation Law (CANCPL) and Section 501 (c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Service code.

History: The National Association of State Latino Chambers of Commerce was formed February 15, 2016, in Las Vegas, NV. The group first came together as a coalition over issues of representation, resource development for state and local chambers, and the need to establish national training programs for all chambers. The original participants were: California, New York, Florida, Arizona, New Jersey, Illinois and New Mexico

The primary mission of the organization is to increase and build capacity of the State Latino Chambers of Commerce with resources to serve the growing Latino business community across the Country, foster relationships with governmental agencies, corporate America and other stakeholders, to promote employment and procurement opportunities for Latinos and Latino businesses, and to increase the number of State Latino Chambers of Commerce across the Country.

Official Launch event for NASLCC is scheduled for the Fall of 2016

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