LOS ANGELES, CA – September 29, 2017 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Organizers of the Hispanic Heritage Month edition of the Hispanicize event today announced the Diversity and Inclusion Silicon Valley Track of the Oct 4th event that will take place at Los Angeles’ The Line Hotel.

The multi-industry Hispanicize L.A. will will gather hundreds of professionals from social media, journalism, tech, marketing and entertainment. (You can register here https://www.hispanicizela.com/register).

Unveiling of the Hispanicize Silicon Valley Rankings

The centerpiece of the D&I tech track will be the unveiling of the Top 25 Hispanicize Silicon Valley Rankings that measure diversity and inclusion for Latinos amongst leading tech companies. Led by Claudia Romo Edelman of UNICEF, who led the research, the Top 5 companies will be recognized at the event’s main luncheon and an in-depth panel, “Findings of the First Annual Hispanicize Silicon Valley Rankings” will be held with industry insiders and some of this year’s judges, including leading Latino tech writer Giovanni Rodriguez of Forbes.

Among this year’s other D&I tech track sessions are:

Cafecito with the Leading Tech Media Covering Diversity and Inclusion in Silicon Valley

As part of a partnership with the California Chicano News Media Association and the Hispanic Public Relations Association, Hispanicize L.A. will a tech media session featuring senior editors who cover diversity tech from TechCrunch, CNET en Español and Digital Trends en Español. Speakers include Jon Shieber, Senior Editor, TechCrunch; Gabriel Sama, Editorial Director, CNET en Español, and Juan Garcia, Editor in Chief, Digital Trends en Español. The session will be moderated by Rodriguez of Forbes.

Building an Inclusive and Diverse Tech Company Culture

Earlier this year, Silicon Valley was jolted by numerous controversies about its longstanding diversity and inclusion problem. At a base level, solving the D&I issue begins with building an inclusive and diverse tech company culture but the question is, where do you begin to do this and how do you go about it? In this panel, a group of Silicon Valley insiders share their thoughts and ideas about how companies should address their D&I issues and suggest how to make resolve it beyond just hiring and retention to also include Latinos in the broader D&I solution.

Speakers include Nuria Santamaria, Co-founder & CEO, Canticos World and former head of at Twitter and Chrystine Villarreal, President, MIXhalo.

A Roadmap for Tech Companies to Engage With and Market to Latinos

Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are only legitimate when they also involve engaging the Latino community. In this session, we’ll hear from tech giants and marketing industry leaders who are at the forefront of grassroots Silicon Valley initiatives and advertising campaigns that resonate with Latinos. Speakers include Monica Marquez, Global Client Advisory Lead, Googler Diversity & Inclusion Lab; Jorge Plasencia, CEO, República; and Kety Esquivel, Senior Vice President, Multicultural, Edelman. The panel will be moderated by Dorinda Walker, Vice President of Consumer Strategy & Key Initiatives Multicultural Marketing for Prudential Financial.

Latinas Who are Breaking the Ultimate Glass Ceiling: Silicon Valley

They say the glass ceiling is industrial grade in tech for women. Meet some of the Latinas who are breaking through and into Silicon Valley despite all odds. Speakers include Nuria Santamaria, Co-founder & CEO, Canticos World; Noramay Cadena, Co-Founder/General Partner, Make in L.A.; Martha Hernandez, Founder, MadeBOS; and Kety Esquivel, Senior Vice President, Multicultural, Edelman. The session will be moderated by Jesse Martinez, Founder of The Latino Startup Alliance and Entrepreneur in Residence at SalesForce.

Presented by Prudential Financial and created in collaboration with the CCNMA, the Hispanicize L.A. event features a jam-packed but practical agenda that will include case studies, discussions, and keynotes that this year includes celebrities like Kate Del Castillo, Luis Guzman, Flavor Flav, Maurice Benard and more. Event co-chairs are Robyn Moreno of Latina and Roxana Lissa of ROX United.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Through today, confirmed sponsors so far include Prudential, Microsoft, JCPenney, Ford, United Airlines, Carnival Corp, Telemundo Network, Best Western, Starkist, Oi2Go, Got Milk?, Curacao, CNET En Español, City National Bank, Golin, the AIDS Health Foundation, and Fuente Latina. Facebook is official technology partner of the event.

Sponsorship information for Hispanicize L.A. is available by contacting [email protected] or calling 203.364.4779.

Media Partnerships

The Hispanic Heritage Month edition of Hispanicize is being produced in partnership with the California Chicano News Media Association, DiMe Media, the Hispanic Public Relations Association, Latin Heat Media, Black Hollywood Film Fund and Latino Filmmakers Network.

Other media partners include: SBS/LaMusica, Latina Moms.com, Hispanic Kitchen, and, the Hispanic PR Blog.

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