Tips to Hispanicize Your Multimedia News Release for Maximum Visibility.

When you target the U.S. Hispanic market, it’s important to make your multimedia news release culturally and linguistically relevant. While it’s not always possible to incorporate every item on this list, including any of these elements in your multimedia news release will increase its likelihood of attracting the attention of the media and the general public.


  • Whenever possible, “Hispanicize” your multimedia news release by including the word Hispanic or Latino in the headline. This will quickly capture the attention of journalists who cover the Hispanic market.
  • Invest the maximum amount of time on the headline and first paragraph to make it as compelling, interesting and relevant as possible. Most reporters or editors will only scan the headline and first paragraph of your news release. Emphasize the story angle that is most relevant to Latinos.
  • Answer the classic five Ws: Who, What, When, Where and Why in your headline and first paragraph.
  • Shorten your headline to between 50-70 characters. Journalists will first see your news release as an e-mail subject line. The shorter your headline, the better. Remember that when translating to Spanish, the text will increase by 15%.
  • Use sub-headlines to break up a long headline.
  • For better SEO, include as many keywords in your headline, sub-headlines and first paragraph. Place these keyword phrases are at the beginning or the end of your headline.
  • In the headline, include the city where the news or event is happening.

    For more helpful ideas on writing a powerful multimedia news release that generates buzz and visibility for your story, visit www.HispanicizeWire.com or call 1-855-GO-HISPANICIZE.


    -- By Bill Gato, CEO, Hispanicize Wire, @billgato


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