SAN DIEGO, CA – April 20, 2020 – (GLOBE NEWSWIRE – LATINX NEWSWIRE) – Addiction Centers Directory has recently announced the launch of their alcohol and drug addiction resource website The site helps those looking for addiction treatment a free and easy way to compare treatment centers.

Finding the appropriate help to beat substance addiction can seem overwhelming. The decision to enter drug rehab is a major one – and one that can ultimately be life-altering. There are many rehab treatment centers offering different types of programs – inpatient, extended care, residential, outpatient, etc. – so how do you go about choosing the right one?

Many people are put in the difficult situation of making a decision regarding rehab either for themselves, a family member, or a loved one. They often approach this decision with no prior knowledge or information – and with little understanding of what they should be looking for. That is where comes in – they offer a ton of relevant information along with a directory of all the treatment centers around the country offering drug rehab programs.

Do The Research, Ask Questions
When choosing a drug rehab facility, consider your options carefully. When you are comparing them, make a list of the rehabs that you may consider – based on location, treatment specialties, etc. Then contact them in turn. Develop a list of facts you want to gather for each of them and the questions you want to ask. E.g. Are there rehabs near me? What are your program options? How effective has your program been in the past? What are the qualifications and credentials of your staff? How much will it cost me? Will my insurance cover the program?

Use The Drug Rehab Directory
You can also use the on this site, which lists hundreds of US drug rehab and addiction treatment facilities and organizations providing rehabilitation for people suffering from chemical dependency problems. Search by location, specialty, or type. Check independent reviews to gain an understanding of how others feel about the treatment per facility.

Find The Facility That Meets Your Needs
Choosing the drug rehab center that offers the maximum benefits to your loved one is of the utmost importance. Rehab can be a life-altering event! can help you decide which facility most closely meets your needs

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