BURBANK, CA – September 29, 2016 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – LBI Media, Inc., the largest minority-owned Spanish broadcasting company in the U.S., recently featured an exclusive radio interview with Jose Refugio Rodriguez, lead attorney for notorious Mexican drug lord “El Chapo” Guzman on the nationally syndicated Don Cheto Radio Network.

The 13-minute phone interview took place on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 and featured key questions surrounding “El Chapo’s” mental and physical health and wellbeing, as well as alleged human rights violations and unjustified solitary confinement in the federal Mexican prison where he currently is detained.

In yet another trailblazing and daring exclusive interview, Don Cheto offered hundreds of thousands of listeners across the U.S. a cunning and insightful conversation with one of “El Chapo’s” closest legal associates. During the interview, Don Cheto was able to uncover some of the untold facts related to the drug lord’s current health issues and alleged torture that have gone unanswered on behalf of Mexican authorities. When asked about what “El Chapo’s” biggest concern was at this time, Refugio responded without pause, “his health and his mental integrity.”

Don Cheto continued his interview by asking about “El Chapo’s” mental health and symptoms he may be presenting as part of the conditions he has been subjected to in the federal Mexican prison, to which Refugio declared: “He’s suffering from anxiety and he’s having a hard time remembering things. He used to have a very good memory, and while his ideas are coherent and make sense, he does tend to change subjects and thoughts; there definitely has been a negative effect on his mental wellbeing.”

When Don Cheto asked Refugio about human rights and the dignified treatment of prisoners, Refugio answered vigorously by saying, “you hit the nail on the head.” According to Refugio, the United Nations has developed and established a set of internationally accepted minimum rules and principles for people deprived of their freedom, and this is what he and his legal team are fighting for. “We are fighting to ensure Joaquín Guzman’s rights are respected. Solitary confinement and sleep depravation have been deemed an act of torture and can only be justified by two internationally recognized factors, of which neither is the case with Mr. Guzman’s situation,” stated Refugio.

Don Cheto asked Refugio if he has personally witnessed “El Chapo’s” health decline recently, to which Refugio adamantly responded: “Absolutely. I am his lead counsel and I visit him as often as I’m allowed.”

To listen to this exclusive Spanish language interview in full, please visit http://aquisuena.estrellatv.com/lo-ultimo/don-cheto-entrevisto-al-abogado-del-chapo-audio/

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