NEW YORK, New York – September 17, 2013 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – DigiBunch, one of the nation’s first and most influential Hispanic communities online dedicated to Latino Viral Videos, today announced its list of 20 Latino cultural leaders for its 2nd annual Latino Trailblazers video series.

The 2013 class of Latino Trailblazers include community leaders, journalists, music artists, lawyers, poets and social media thought leaders. DigiBunch, in partnership with Being Latino, Hispanicize digital, UPLIFTT, LatinoYoSoy, SofritoForYourSoul and Latina Mom Bloggers, will be unveiling each of the video profiles daily between now through October 18th on DigiBunch’s Facebook page at

“We’re delighted to join other social media community platforms and talented artists in telling the stories of these Latino trendsetters and thought leaders”

Each of the 20, 1-minute video profiles include a creatively illustrated narrative story about what makes each trailblazer remarkable. The Latino profiles were individually illustrated by one of four Latino artists. Join us as artist Edwin Gil recreates his Trailblazers using recycled glass, Alex Buga creates masterpieces of the Trailblazers made of thousands of beads, Joe Barber recreates his Trailblazers using the human head as a canvas and clippers as his brush and Sergio Andujar recreates each Trailblazers on a vinyl canvas. (See the DigiBunch Trailblazer’s Preview video at

“We’re delighted to join other social media community platforms and talented artists in telling the stories of these Latino trendsetters and thought leaders,” said DigiBunch Founder and CEO Lance Rios. “Through our platforms and partners we’re joining in creating millions of impressions for these stories that deserve to be told.”

This year’s 20 trailblazers include:

Yesenia Gual – Corporate executive, Entrepreneur, Mentor

Frankie Negron – Salsa Legend, Health Advocate, Music Executive

Jorge Narvaez – Family man, Activist, YouTube Celebrity

Tony Hernandez – Immigrant Rights Activist, Founder of Immigrant Archive Project, Hispanic Media Pro

Pedro Serrano – Community Organizer, Political Activist, LGBT Leader

Angie Martinez – Lawyer, Mentor, Music Executive

Felix Sanchez – Entertainment Mentor, Lawyer, Activist

Luieville – Creative Branding Guru, Entertainment Executive, Music Video Director

Kevin Montano – Music Executive, DJ Organizer, Hip-hop Advocate

Maria Teresa Kumar – Founder of Voto Latino, Community Organizer, One of DC’s Most Influential Latinas

Giovanni Rodriguez – Social Media Pro, Government Consultant, Social Good Leader

Jeannette Kaplun – Social Media Pro, Mother, Entrepreneur

Julia Grob – Entertainment Pro, Actress, Mentor

Bel Hernandez – Godmother of Latino Hollywood, Entertainment Pro, Connector

Joe Conzo – Photographer, Activist, Bronx Legend

Mariela Dabbah – Education Advocate, Published Author, Founder of Latinos in College

Led Black – Content Creator, Community Organizer, Washington Heights Legend

Irma Martinez – Fashionista, Entertainment Executive, Industry Leader

Angela Adrar – Activist, Mother, Connector

Fran Rodriguez – Education Advocate, Community Leader, Activist

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