SACRAMENTO, CA – October 29, 2015– (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – David Llauger Meiselman’s award-winning indie, Strike One, comes to Sacramento on November 9th to screening at the historic Crest Theatre located at 1013 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. This 7pm screening presentation is part of American Latino Cinema’s statewide tour to bring this important film to middle and high school students and at-risk youth.

The coming-of-age drama stars Danny Trejo and breakout artist Johnny Ortiz (American Crime, McFarland U.S.A.), and sheds light on the cruel and unfair Three Strikes Law. Produced by Felipe Alejandro and shot on location in his childhood community of Boyle Heights, an East Los Angeles community that is predominantly Latino, the film depicts the type of neighborhoods most affected by the controversial law, and details the story of a teenager’s journey through a legal system streamlined to declare him guilty and lock him up.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring Strike One to Sacramento because of the powerful social message this films delivers,” said BeLisa Serna, Vice President of Always Evolving PR, and Sacramento event coordinator. “We have invited community leaders, city officials and various organizations who deal with at-risk youth.”

According to the filmmakers, their film is not just about the dangers of a prejudiced law but also about the dangers of living in a neighborhood where the temptations of gang activity is also part of the environment. “And, these two predators continue to ruin Latino and Black youth lives,” stated Llauger-Meiselman.

For one young actor, Strike One saved his life. “Strike One story could have easily been my life,” admitted Ortiz. “Were it not for my acting career, I might have ended up in prison. This movie’s message changed my life. I’m humbled and honored to be a positive role model and help all the Juan’s from our communities.” Ortiz went on to co-star in Disney’s McFarland USA and as a series regular on ABC’s American Crime.

Screenwriters Lawrence Smilgys and Howard Cohen synthesized several real-life cases to craft Strike One. Together they created a family in one of those “where life chose me” situations. “The one incident that stood out most was about a young Latino who was an unknowing accomplice to a crime. Rather than take a plea deal, he decided to fight the charge and found the judicial system was more than eager to declare him guilty and level punishment,” said Smilgys. “This law seems to insinuate that some people are born criminals and can never change.”

Strike One is a gritty urban American Latino story in English with an impressive cast. The soundtrack consists of original hip-hop and Latin beat music. “Johnny Wilson did a phenomenal job with composing the music,” said Llauger-Meiselman. Strike One is available for viewing on the new American Latino Cinema(AMLC.TV) online streaming service and platform that will present American stories through a Latino lens.

“The most important thing about Strike One is being able to bring a more realistic voice to a group of people that are generally ignored and for the most part are truly an important piece of American culture,” Alejandro, the film’s producer said.

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Strike One

A Boricua Films Production

Feature | USA | 100 mins

Director: David Llauger-Meiselman

Writer: Lawrence S. Smilgys, Howard Cohen

Producers: Danny Trejo, Felipe Alejandro Ramirez, Roberto Longoria, Ric Aguirre, James Tumminia, David Llauger-Meiselman, Lawrence Smilgys

Music Composer: Johnny Wilson

Distributor: California Pictures, Inc. and American Latino Cinema

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