DOVER, Delaware — February 13, 2020 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) —, with its unique and innovative style of Crowdfunding, is ready to expand its services yet to another level by making its platform completely bilingual with a worthy mix of Español and English. This move came in the wake of the growing importance of the language which is already enjoying the status of being one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

Spanish-language visitors and subscribers will now experience ‘Auto Language Redirection’ and a new Spanish video presentation. It means the current website and its blog content have been doubled, underscoring the value attached to the platform for Hispanic and bilingual visitors. Español being a language of over 450 million native speakers and one of the world’s most spoken native languages, the website should experience an increase in traffic in 2020 and beyond. Expectations for new and language diverse campaigns are, therefore, high. serves as the best connecting agent for both the English and the Spanish speaking fundraising community. All content has been translated into Spanish, making the platform easily navigable and understandable. Now, bum campaigners will share a single interface to take advantage of both built-in English and Spanish backers and donors.

The question “Why Spanish?” is easily answerable. Spanish content has a growing audience. With an estimated presence of 58.9 million Spanish speaking people in the United States, the Census Bureau of the United States has reported a likely increase of 133 million by 2050. Luckily, this increase in new consumers favors the American market and products.

It is also reported by Feinberg that Hispanic Bilinguals in the United States have higher earnings than English monolingual counterparts. Higher earnings indirectly mean higher purchasing power. Hispanic purchasing power is increasing compared to other groups living in the United States. Hispanics are loyal, caring and culturally proactive. Brands related to Hispanics are highly embraced. The companies and brand producers should, therefore, focus on brand recognition. Hispanics love what they do. Their exposure is driven by passion ranging from music, family, sports, beauty and money. Understanding the Hispanic need for cultural identity is smart. Hispanics have dominated the Southwest, Chicago, South Florida and New York City. Their population is ever increasing as per the reports of the United States Census Bureau. They use modern technology, including the internet and social media platforms. Hispanics are, therefore, an emerging market for the brand makers.

The above factors precisely indicate the market value of the Hispanic consumers. This is likely to expand to other regions of the United States. Brands like Crowdfunding Bum have taken the initiative by making its website bilingual to take advantage of the expansion of Hispanics. This is beneficial for both the campaigners and donors.


Crowdfunding Bum is the brainchild of Bernardo Pereira, who created a more modern, accessible, and synergistic way for new entrepreneurs and startup founders to fund their projects and see them succeed. It is a completely unorthodox crowdfunding platform where campaigners can see their ideas turn into a successful and fulfilling venture without incurring any out of pocket costs, nor having to invest precious time in becoming a social media expert.

Crowdfunding Bum has created a built-in mechanism that auto funds their client’s campaigns. This new approach to crowdfunding is based on the idea that the most willing contributors will be the ones that have already been in a client’s shoes. Hence, campaigners helping campaigners. As a participating member of the Crowdfunding Bum platform, you are required to pick an existing campaigner which will automatically receive 3% of all the funds that you have been raising. This also means that you will be able to get picked by other new fundraisers and receive 3% of the donations that they have collected. If you are chosen by multiple campaigners it is conceivable that you may get fully funded without lifting a finger.

One of the biggest challenges campaigners are facing today is being able to achieve and maintain donation momentum throughout their campaigns. Moreover, with so much competition and ventures out there, it can be difficult to find the initial backers that will help a client with their crowdsourcing project. This gift allows campaigners to have auto donations from built-in backers that will kick-start their projects and your project in a shorter time frame. Moreover, every member will be both a donor and a recipient without incurring any out of pocket costs.

But this is not the only innovation we’re bringing to Crowdfunding Bum. We have also built into our platform a live chat feature that allows backers to see if you’re online. Hence, they can now ask questions prior to making a donation. Furthermore, we know how busy entrepreneurs are and we want to help you setup and write the perfect campaign pitch at no cost via Setup Assist. You also get 30 days of free social media outreach by Advertising Agency Giant Crowdfund Buzz with over $220 million raised. This offer is exclusive to crowdfunding bum clients.

Create your crowdfunding campaign at Crowdfunding Bum and see for yourself how we’re changing the face of Crowdfunding.