MIAMI, FL – July 9, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – The South Florida Friends of Classical Music, a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging classical performances and music from around the world in South Florida, proudly announces a Concert of Lyric Music from Cuba and the Caribbean.

Composer Ernesto Lecuona was the George Gershwin of the Latin American world, a prolific creator of lush, swelling songs and scores for stage and film that helped elevate his homeland’s popular music to an art form. He will be the focus of this Miami Chamber Players concert that brings an array of Cuban and Caribbean songs to Miami Lakes Congregational Church, including the theatrical songs of the zarzuela tradition, the slow-burning dance numbers known as boleros and the rhythmic strains of the danzón form. Sopranos Raquel Rubi and Marinel Cruz join the Players for this hauntingly beautiful performance, which also includes piano waltzes by Aruban and other Caribbean composers performed by pianist Adolfo Vidal.

This concert will raise funds to support the educational programs presented by South Florida Friends of Classical Music, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Miami. For more info about the organization please visit:>.

“We’re excited about to continue showcasing music from around the world, with rich international musical traditions to South Floridians, and particularly the youngest generations who may not be aware that there is amazing music beyond what they are exposed to through the mass media,” said the Foundation’s artistic director Dr. Adolfo Vidal, a classical pianist himself and professor of music at Miami-Dade College. “It’s a powerful opportunity for South Floridians to not just hear this music but to experience the artists live, up close and personal in the chamber tradition.”

The Concert of Lyric Music from Cuba and the Caribbean will be held on Saturday, July 11th at 8 pm at the Miami Lakes Congregational Church, located at 6701 Miami Lakeway S, Miami Lakes, FL 33014

About the South Florida Friends of Classical Music
The South Florida Friends of Classical Music was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2011 to encourage and support performances of classical music in South Florida. The Friends are the official sponsor of four main cultural events which are becoming four of the world’s finest music projects: The Miami International Music Academy, The Miami World Music Festival, The Miami Chamber Players & the Teresa Carreño International Master Piano Competition. The Friends’ place in the South Florida fine arts community encompasses more than just international competition winners, fine chamber music, world-class performances and classical music meet-ups. The Friends are proud to share this wonderful musical experience with the younger generations by arranging free musicianship and master classes for students admitted into its Music Academy, and by providing free tickets for students at selected local colleges and high schools. The Friends invite South Floridians to share in its long-term commitment to its mission, its music and its place in the South Florida fine arts community. For details visit