MAMI, FL – March 12, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Social entrepreneur Graciela Tiscareño-Sato will be honored in Oakland, California on Friday, March 13th by the Powerful Women of the East Bay. Ms. Tiscareño-Sato will be recognized for her work to create uniquely aspirational literature that showcases the positive contributions of Latino Americans in the USA while teaching American students about the green economy and military service. PWOEB hosts an annual celebration of Women’s History Month honoring “outstanding contributions of women of the San Francisco east bay.”

Graciela will then join over 2100 other digital influencers, journalists, bloggers, tech entrepreneurs and brand sponsors at the Hispanicize 2015 Conference in Miami, Florida all next week. [#Hispz15]

On Thursday, March 19th at 2 p.m., Graciela will participate in the session titled Latina Innovators Embracing STEM: Meet the Stereotype-smashing Game-changers Leading the Movement with two other Latina Innovators, Francesca Escoto and Marilu Duque. Each speaker will deliver a TED-style lightning talk and then participate in an interactive panel session. The group will discuss how they’ve embraced various STEM disciplines throughout their professional careers and share what they’re innovating now. Attendees will hear ideas on individual actions we each can take to rapidly accelerate the number of young people motivated to study academic fields so vital to our 21st century global economy.

“I’m delighted to join two tenacious Latina STEM champions at Hispanicize to share our journeys with corporate brands, bloggers and journalists” said Graciela. “I’m happy that the creators of Hispanicize 15 have decided to shine bright hot lights on those of us doing the work to help massively scale the number of Latino students who will pursue degrees in technical professions such as those I’ve enjoyed in my military, corporate and entrepreneurial adventures. It is by embracing STEM disciplines and being surrounded by high expectations that so many of us have been lifted out of adverse circumstances into successful adult lives.”

As a bilingual STEM consultant and educational publisher for K-12 school districts, Graciela challenges the historically low educational expectations of Latino students (and children with disabilities like her own daughter) with a plethora of success stories. Gracefully Global Group’s breakthrough literature, in print and eBook formats, smashes tired media stereotypes about Latinos in each story about the highly-educated Latinas and Latinos in this nation. Graciela’s first, five-time award-winning publication Latinnovating: Green American Jobs and the Latinos Creating Them, inspires young Latinos to fuel their passions using STEM knowledge and environmental consciousness to create innovative social ventures. The firm’s bilingual children’s picture book series, Good Night Captain Mama/ Buenas Noches Capitán Mamá is another game-changing contribution for K-3rd grade supplemental reading. The first bilingual picture book series about a military mother highlights the story of a Latina Air Force aviator, inspired by Graciela’s own aviation service.

The firm’s differentiated “Targeted branding via Latino Literature” offering, logo-sponsored, award-winning books gifted to event attendees, is at the powerful intersection of multicultural marketing and award-winning literature showcasing Latino leadership. Branded book gifts keep brands circulating in the hands of targeted customer communities for years.

“I look forward to connecting with brands who want to reach specific audiences within the Latino community while also accomplishing community outreach goals and supporting literacy initiatives,” said the founder.

Journalists wishing to connect with Graciela at the Hispanicize conference in Miami can contact her directly via the number in her Twitter profile at @GraceTiscareno or via the Hispanicize app. Additionally, please connect with the media contact listed here.

About Gracefully Global Group LLC
Gracefully Global Group LLC is the premiere independent educational publisher and promoter of positive media images and case studies from the Latino community in book, eBook, DVD and live presentation formats. The firm’s first book, Latinnovating (978-0-9834760-0-9) took home three honors at the 2012 International Latino Book Awards in New York City. The awards included Best Business Book, Best Nonfiction eBook and 2nd Place, Best Nonfiction Young Adult Book for its unique focus on showcasing Latino-led innovation and entrepreneurship in the green economy. The firm’s first children’s book, Good Night Captain Mama/ Buenas Noches Capitán Mamá [ISBN: 978-0-9834760-3-0], received an award in the “Best Educational Children’s Book – Bilingual” category at the 2014 International Latino Books Awards held at the 2014 American Library Association convention and recently won the 1st Place prize, Children’s Picture Book category, in the Writer’s Digest competition among independent publishers. The firm’s mission is to “create literature that showcases the positive contributions of Latino Americans in the USA.”