NEW YORK, NY – June 30, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Bilingual Children’s Enterprises (BCE) launched the Tipi Tom (TM) application in both English and Spanish for preschool-aged children. Through interactive activities and games, kids are guaranteed to learn more vocabulary in both languages and improve their cognitive skills while engaging in school readiness activities. BCE’s pedagogy is unique because it’s based on a scientific-based methodology called dual language that is proven to accelerate a child’s learning curve in a second language. Through a cast of multicultural characters that celebrate being bilingual, Tipi Tom (TM) helps children with pre-literacy skills, the development of fine motor skills, learning colors, letters, shapes and numbers in fun and engaging way.

Headed by Deborah Castillero, a passionate Latina entrepreneur, who is the creator of Tipi Tom (TM). Her world-class team includes, expert bilingual educator, Zulmaris Diaz, PhD, gaming developers, Happy Dog Games, designers, Two Animators! LLP and singer/songwriter, Amelia Robinson of Mil’s Trills. They all came together, across borders, to create an app that has kid-friendly character designs, engaging and age-appropriate gaming activities along with developmentally appropriate pedagogy.

For Castillero, incorporating a dual language learning approach to the app was important because this methodology is proven to accelerate second language learning, while fostering bilingualism. This approach also improves overall academic performance, enhances problem solving skills and helps close the achievement gap particularly for English language learners; a segment of the US student population growing seven times faster than the rest.

“We understand parents are interested in apps that are fun and educational in nature for their children. We also recognize we’re living in a global economy and giving your child the gift of a second language makes perfect sense, especially for early learners” said Deborah Castillero. “With our multicultural characters, conversational story-telling, and vocabulary rich topics in two languages, literacy and reading readiness is attainable for kids globally and on mobile.”

Tipi Tom (TM) storyline is based on cousins, Tipi and Tom, who love visiting their ‘abuelos’ (grandparents) where they plunge into funny situations and adventures, leading to discovery and learning in both English and Spanish.

Moms, dads and grandparents are encouraged to engage in this experience with their children and interact with Tipi Tom (TM), where learning is fun and families can feel good about the countless educational and cultural benefits of the app.

Meet Tipi and Tom by downloading the dual language app free for a limited time at:

Android Version: (mobile & tablets)
iOS Version: (mobile & tablets)

This first version was created for preschoolers, additional levels, languages activities and games to be rolled out within the next few months.

About Bilingual Children’s Enterprises (BCE)
BCE is a learning and entertainment company featuring short form animated videos, apps and interactive books on a mobile digital platform. Through Tipi Tom (TM), a multicultural and character driven property, they’re building a content rich platform that entertains and educates in two languages. BCE promotes diversity, family and technology with a focus on Mandarin, English and Spanish. More information about Tipi Tom (TM) is available at