SAN JOSE, CA – November 17, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Athena Tech Academy and, the first social media platform for careers targeted to US Latina millennials, have partnered together to promote a unique $6,500 scholarship funded by Athena Tech Academy. The scholarship aims to assist technically qualified Latinas who are interested in careers in Big Data Hadoop. Through this diversity partnership, Athena Tech & BeVisible have committed to work together to create pathways for Latinas into Big Data Hadoop and supply employers with diverse Big Data talent.

From its inception, co-founders Will Dailey & Colleen Tralongo made a commitment to building diversity into the development of Big Data Talent through scholarships. “Diverse teams can lead to more creativity, as well as better insight into customers and product development,” said Colleen Tralongo, co-founder of Athena Tech. “This is a true example of striving for diversity in one of the most well paid fields in this country. This is what BeVisible stands for: helping Latinas recognize and take advantage of the opportunities available to them,” said Andrea Guendelman, co founder of BeVisible.

Located in San Jose, California, Athena Tech Academy is a 12-week, full time, immersive bootcamp dedicated to creating skills-based pathways to jobs as Hadoop Operators & Engineers.

Academy students will become experts in the Hadoop Ecosystem, Hadoop Operations and Hadoop Development and create projects in a hands-on learning environment. Athena Tech Academy offers an excellent learning experience in preparing students with the technical skills needed to become a Hadoop professional, plus career coaching, career skills, and assistance in meeting employers who have a need for Hadoop talent.

Closing the Skills-gap

Athena highlights the hands-on skills needed by employers, and introduces students to the tools required to enter and succeed in the Hadoop Engineering field. Closing the Big Data skills and achievement gaps is a process. Through Athena Tech Academy’s program – providing career discussions, resources, and access to potential employers – we are committed to strengthening the future and diversity of Big Data talent.

Application & Selection Process

Applications are due by Friday, December 4, 2015. Interested candidates should fill out the application form on our website and note “DiversityinData” as a reference. Selection interviews will be administered by Friday, December 11, 2015. All applicants will be considered based on merit. To apply, please see this link:


Athena Tech Academy is seeking applicants for acceptance into its January 25, 2016 cohort. Applicants must have 2 years of an object-oriented language, SQL, & Linux. A degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Library Information Science is preferred, but not required.

About Athena Tech Academy
Athena Tech Academy ( is a 12-week, full time, immersive Hadoop bootcamp located in San Jose, California and dedicated to creating skills-based pathways to jobs as Hadoop Operators & Engineers. For more information on Athena and our programs please visit:

About BeVisible
BeVisible ( is a social media site focused on careers. BeVisible helps Latinas become visible, connect and collaborate with role models, peers and mentors, connect with career and educational opportunities, grow their career and at the same time grow the opportunities for everyone in their community. To become a member of the BeVisible community, sign up at