LOS ANGELES, CA – November 13, 2017- (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Am I Pretty? is a book about teaching girls that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. Written by Liliana Lopez, this book aims to teach young girls to accept themselves for who they are and not what they look like, while also encouraging them to follow their true passions. Because there’s nothing more beautiful than being able to look in the mirror and love your reflection.

Written in approachable rhyming stanzas, the book also features vibrant and engaging illustrations created by Tara J. Hannon.

Am I Pretty? is available via Amazon & iTunes.

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About the author:
Liliana Lopez is an author, world traveler, food lover and unicorn rider. She currently resides in California, but loves to spend a lot of time in Hawaii. When she’s not working on new children’s books, you can find her playing with her beloved cat, named Moonie, swimming with dolphins and fishing for stars.

About the illustrator:
Tara J. Hannon is known for her quirky and whimsical hand drawn illustrations, which are digitally painted. She is the owner and lead artist of Meant for a Moment Designs. She currently resides in Crownsville, Maryland. When not illustrating or dreaming up children’s books, Tara loves spending quality time with her young daughter. She’s also an avid jogger.

Children’s Hardcover
8 x 11 inches, 24 pages
ISBN:978- 0-69290 -158-8