FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – April 13, 2017 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – As more Hispanic-Americans gain access to credit and credit cards, they continue to play an expanding role in the American economy. April is National Financial Literacy month in the United States, and to highlight the importance of financial literacy among Hispanic-Americans, Consolidated Credit has published episode 10 of Daniel y Rita during Hispanicize 2017, a national conference that includes sessions on blogging and search, and the evolution of U.S. Hispanic digital marketing.

The story of Daniel y Rita continues to evolve, and episode 10 showcases Hilda, Rita’s grandmother who is a blogger and speaker. Hilda’s blog is

Consolidated Credit collaborated with Hispanic Market Advisors ℠ and created this financial literacy digital campaign using amiable fictitious characters resembling a normal couple going through everyday life events.

So far, there has been 10 episodes published in Spanish and the stories are gaining a lot of mentions and followers on social media:

— Episodio 10: La Abuela Financiera en Hispanicize en el Mes de la Educación Financiera

— Episodio 9: Rita recibe su reembolso de impuestos, Daniel no sabe si declarar ahora o después

— Episodio 8: Rita enseña a Daniel como elaborar un presupuesto

— Episodio 7: Las resoluciones de Daniel para el 2017 ¿Las cumplirá?

— Episodio 6: Rita se planifica para las Fiestas

— Episodio 5: Daniel y Rita en Halloween. Daniel se sale de su Presupuesto

— Episodio 4: Daniel es Víctima de Robo de Identidad

— Episodio 3: Pagar La Universidad

— Episodio 2: Mi Primer Estado de Cuenta

— Episodio 1: Mi Primera Tarjeta de Crédito

The non-profit is considering printing an eBook and creating an English-language version of the story to cater to the English-preferred audience.

Hilda from encourages everyone to take the month of April to Spring clean their finances. “April is Financial Literacy Month and I enjoy greatly helping Latinos to expand their financial knowledge and awareness,” she said.

Among those free resources Hilda recommends are the Financial Literacy Month 30-Day Check List by Consolidated Credit, which consists of:

— Day 1-5: Budgeting

— Day 6-10: Saving

— Day 11-14: Basic needs management

— Day 15-17: Banking

— Day 18-20: Healthcare cost management

— Day 21-23: Credit management

— Day 24-28: Debt management

— Day 29-30: Retirement planning

For more information on National Financial Literacy Month visit and For information in Spanish visit,, or call 1-888-556-4152.

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