ORLANDO, FL – November 12, 2015 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Today abogados.com, a law firm dedicated to serving the Hispanic community in the U.S, launched its website. The firm was created by a group of Latino lawyers to tackle the obstacles that often keep immigrants from receiving quality legal assistance.

“Watching my parents struggle in a new country, with a new language, I have great sympathy for those who feel like outsiders because they weren’t born here; those who are not sure where to turn for help,” said Cuban-American lawyer Alex Ferrer. “As a police officer and as a judge I was able to help people during difficult times. At abogados.com, I can continue that tradition.”

Regardless of the U.S. Latino population’s heterogeneity, uncertainty in front of the law is something many have in common. The U.S. legal system can be intimidating, especially for those who face a language barrier or who are undocumented. The significant differences between the laws in the U.S. and the majority of Latin American countries, as well as the discrimination many Latinos face, often produce a weariness of institutions.

Lack of information about the rights they possess in this country makes immigrants more vulnerable to abuse and negligence in many situations. Additionally, Latinos are often employed in the most dangerous industries and dare to do work others prefer to avoid, which makes them much more likely than any other demographic to suffer accidents on the job. According to abogados.com, these conditions make it difficult for Latinos, especially those who are Spanish-dominant, to exact justice and demand fair compensation when they suffer damages.

The website outlines the firm’s desire for any Spanish speaker to “count on the support of an experienced team and have access to easy to understand, in-depth blog posts on the legal issues that most affect Latinos.” abogados.com takes advantage of today’s technology to provide help 24/7. They offer a free consultation for potential clients who call them or fill out the form on their website. The firm’s lawyers handle cases around the country, including Orlando, Los Angeles, and New York.

The firm’s slogan is “La justicia es derecho de todos,” / “Justice is everyone’s right,” which sums up their mission to raise awareness among immigrants about their rights under U.S. law, regardless of nationality, race, sex, immigration status, language, or class.

About abogados.com
abogados.com is a modern law firm of bilingual Latino lawyers dedicated to serving the Hispanic community in the U.S. Their blog provides information about what measures to take in the face of all types of legal situations.