MIAMI, FL – October 22, 2014 – (Hispanicize Wire) – Hispanic Market Advisors® advises brands to use responsive website designs in their Latino marketing initiatives. Here are 3 reasons why smartphone-optimized websites are better and more effective than non-responsive websites to connect and engage with Latinos in the US:

1. Latino internet users are more likely than other groups to go online using a mobile device—76% versus 60%. Source: a “Pew Research Center” study – check here.

2. Nearly half of Latino adults live in cellphone only households.

3. By connecting with Latino users across all devices (desktop, tablets, and smartphones), brands can position their online presence to be functional and inclusive. Website design and mobile are two of the fastest changing technologies in digital marketing, besides search engine optimization. The benefits of a responsive design website are many, among them:

— Time-saving

— Search Engine Optimization

— Additional Features

— Seamless User Experience

— SEO & PPC Benefits

— Simplified Analytics and Reporting –

– Common Code Base

— Higher Conversion Rates

Read more details:

“Your business’ websites need to be responsive, especially if you are including Latinos in your marketing efforts,” states Sebastian Aroca, President at Hispanic Market Advisors, a company that started as a Website Translation and Spanish SEO Premium Service Provider. He continues: “As the world becomes increasingly more mobile and interconnected, Latinos are becoming smarter in researching for solutions before making any decisions and referrals to their family and friends.”

Where to start?

Enter your site on this tool to learn how to measure the responsiveness of your website targeting Latinos. Then, contact Hispanic Market Advisors at 305.677.0651 to discuss how we can help improve your websites become more smartphone-optimized websites, and consequently, more ready to connect and engage with Latinos online.

A Note on Terminology

The terms “Latino” and “Hispanic” are used interchangeably in this report.

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