Tips to Hispanicize Your Multimedia News Release for Maximum Visibility

When you target the U.S. Hispanic market, it’s important to make your multimedia news release culturally and linguistically relevant. While it’s not always possible to incorporate every item on this list, including any of these elements in your multimedia news release will increase its likelihood of attracting the attention of the media and the general public.


  • Whenever possible, “Hispanicize” your multimedia news release by including the word Hispanic or Latino in the headline. This will quickly capture the attention of journalists who cover the Hispanic market.
  • Invest the maximum amount of time on the headline and first paragraph to make it as compelling, interesting and relevant as possible. Most reporters or editors will only scan the headline and first paragraph of your news release. Emphasize the story angle that is most relevant to Latinos.
  • Answer the classic five Ws: Who, What, When, Where and Why in your headline and first paragraph.
  • Shorten your headline to between 50-70 characters. Journalists will first see your news release as an e-mail subject line. The shorter your headline, the better. Remember that when translating to Spanish, the text will increase by 15%.
  • Use sub-headlines to break up a long headline.
  • For better SEO, include as many keywords in your headline, sub-headlines and first paragraph. Place these keyword phrases are at the beginning or the end of your headline.
  • In the headline, include the city where the news or event is happening.
    • Begin your news release with the most interesting information. What is the most interesting aspect of your story?
    • Use a quote from a company official who has a direct U.S. Hispanic role, such as “U.S. Hispanic Branding Manager”.
    • In your quotes, emphasize a phrase that conveys emotion and a human touch, and not facts or statistics.
    • Feature the quote of your Hispanic marketing executive or spokesperson very prominently toward your first three paragraphs.
    • By the first two paragraphs, include a direct reference to Latinos or Hispanics
    • Include any facts, statistics or anecdotes about how your news may relate to or impact Hispanics.
    • Double-check the accuracy of all of the information you are presenting in the press release. Journalists are trained to be skeptical and will ask tough questions.
    • When possible, add references or hyperlinks to fresh research or resources that relate directly or indirectly to your story. There is abundance of great free research on the Internet that can bring greater relevance to your story.
    • Keep your news release to a maximum of 500 words.
    • Since one of your goals for this press release distribution might be SEO, remember to add backlinks to your client’s website in the first paragraph. It's always best practice to have 1 or 2 backlinks in the first paragraph.
    • Include high-resolution photos or videos, especially images and photos that feature Latinos. Photos and videos increase the likelihood of a reporter or editor covering your story.
    • If possible, show images of Latinos in a group or family setting. Latinos have strong family values.
    • Add links to your social media and online video communities.
    • Distribute your multimedia news release in both English and Spanish. Give journalists and the general public the option of reading your story in their preferred language.
    • Avoid using “Spanglish” too often.
    • When translating your news release, be sure to use a skilled Spanish-dominant or English-dominant translator. Avoid using “Google Translate”.
    • Add boiler plates, those sections toward the end of release that provide background information about the companies or organizations mentioned in the release. Help journalists understand more about the players featured in your news story.
    • Indicate if there is a company executive or spokesperson available to address any information in the release in English and Spanish. Include clear contact information (names, telephone numbers, e-mails, websites) by someone who is trained in handling the media.

    For more helpful ideas on writing a powerful multimedia news release that generates buzz and visibility for your story, visit www.HispanicizeWire.com or call 1-855-GO-HISPANICIZE.


    -- By Bill Gato, CEO, Hispanicize Wire, @billgato


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